Luis Ramirez describes a bad cycle

After years in solitary, Luis was put into general population without transition or treatment and was okay for awhile when he was harassed, got scared, blacked out and attacked someone and now faces new charges.  His behavior was part of his mental illness and his blacking out was well know by staff.

In the past he helped FFUP understand Segregation conditions. Luis Ramirez here outlines well what mentally ill prisoners go through in prison. FFUP tries to help them keep healthy with encouraging letters and it does not take much to give people a sense that there is a kinder world outside and something to work for. Please send a friendly note.

Luis Ramirez
GBCI; PO Box 19033
Green Bay, WI 54307

First I’m sorry for the errors, I’m Dislexic and can’t follow directions to well

I’m bipolar and learning disabled but they want me to learn there rules I’ve been in segregation for 9 years because I get a conduct report and I get mad because they gave me so much time I cuss them all out then I get more conduct reports then I get mad about these new conduct report’s that I catch more conduct reports.
This becomes a never ending cycle but now I’m being placed on A.C. I was on A.C. in Waupun corr, inst. I get transferred to CCI and I was told that they would let me go in in CCI but CCI keeps me on A.C. I did l8 months and I just got fedup and I went off so now the cycle of catching C.R. has started back up sometimes I get so mad I want to just kill myself just to get out of this segregation. I’m tired of always walking around in handcuff’s I just need one try one chance and I’ll prove that I can behave but they won’t give it to me.
This same thing 12 other mentally unstable inmates are going through . Can you please help me because I’m only a day away from killing myself I can’t take this anymore. Can you please help us.

Respectfully Luis Ramirez

Here is a penpal post he filled out in hopes someone will be his friend:
AGE: 35

RACE: Latino GENDER: male
HEIGHT: 5'8" WEIGHT: 185
EYE COLOR: brown HAIR COLOR: black


I was born in Guatama, Puerto Rico. I’m into the law. I’ve thought about becoming a paralegal and hopefully my dream will come true. My hobbies are sports, reading, dancing, and biking. My favorite food is lasagna. My favorite Dessert is German chocolate cake. My favorite music is salsa in Spanish and metalica in English.

I’m looking to have all the better things in life and I’m going to work hard in order to get them. If you think you could be one of these better things in my life, please don’t hesitate to write me.

Tim Crowley

update 2 - 12: Tim has been working very hard to get out of segregation, he had a good friend in a more mature deaf prisoner celled next to him who helped him work on controlling his anger. He is trying to get braille lessons and work on his GED as sight is getting worse. The prison seems more receptive to helping. A friendly note would help him alot.

Tim Crowley #43754
Portage, WI 53901

Tim: Young And Old
Hello There, I am a young man 34 years old, will be 35 years February 12, 2011, God Willing.
I’ll be brief, I’m hearing impaired and has been all my life and I am diagnosed as usher syndrome which in all actually been part of all my life as well, but never knew until 2007. It consists of hearing impaired and Blindness. So I were informed by doctors that I will need to learn braille and ASL (Sign language)will be appropriate if I choose to live in a deaf community. ON top of all this I am also considered mentally ill. Through institutions the majority of my life. Out patient at the Milwaukee mental health complex at the age of 15 years. I’ve been in the “system” since the age of 11 but in family court since age of 10. Also my speech impediment is a burden. I tried to explain to a CP that I talk loud due to a hearing impediment. My illness gotten worse as in the month of November I cut my neck, wrists and the nurse clean me up, place me back on observation status. I reopened my wound the 2nd part of that day by biting my vein in my wrist area and lost about a pint of blood. But in October I tried swallow my inhaler, tried to cut my wrist with a staple. But in September I swallow my hearing aides and reopened the wound in my neck. This happened all here at CCI. But treatment facility by name of Wisconsin Resource Center, I cut my neck while on control status, before swallow brow of my eye glasses. All these attempts were uncharacteristic of me. But I done in the past swallow an overdose of pills and tied a noose around my neck and went off my meds when I suspicion of others plotting against me. I hurt self. I been incarcerated since the age of 19. I am going on my 16th year. Also, I’m still technically court order under 971.16 case 971.17 by judge named John R Strick of Dodge Corr due I battered COS at Waupun the day before my B-say in 1999. I were housed in Mendota for approximately 2 years from 2001 to 2003. I were shipped out do to unstable behavior that were the result of my little brother being murdered and he was murder by someone we grew up with so you can imagine how it effect me . Well , I’ve much more show or tell of me personally, dilemma and complexes

Tim Crowley

Ali Mursal

Ali Mursal #541673
WRC PO Box 220
Winnebago, WI 54985
My name is Ali and I'm from Africa, born and raised. I came to the states to see how it is. Now that I am in prison they are trying to send me back to Africa. I nor my family wants that. If you are looking for a good, strong, honest friend and if you want to know more about me, Please write.

jeff Poff

Jeff Poff #390966
WCI; PO BOX 351;
WAUPUN , WI 53963

Jeff First wrote me to tell me he had been beaten and maced by guards after being told he would be going back to segregation. Jeff had hesitated, was not resisting, but also not moving. He is one of the men FFUP works with to keep sane and healthy. He is now is writing a book and pursuing a lawsuit concerning his injuries . Often , the law is the only thing the prisoners have to turn to, to keep hope up, for there are no resources in segregation and law materials are mandated by the courts.

Terrance Grissom

Terrance Grissom 193184

Racine Correctional Institution
 PO Box 900
Racine WI 53177
BIRTHDATE: 1-22-1970
AGE: 46

Description: Hello, my name is Terrance but everyone calls me Grissom. Unfortunately I am in long term segregation and we’re not allowed photos. I’ve been confined 23 years on a 20 year sentence. I’m not eligible for parole. Prison’s a lonely place. I have a little family support. I am looking for a person I can share my thoughts, dreams, and experiences with – someone not about playing games, who knows how to keep it real , honestly. Trust and respect are must haves to anyone who responds to my ad. I am n incarcerated male and I have no time for any games. I hope to hear from you soon.

note: This man is in segregation and is in great need . A friendly note would help so much. I have posted his DOC picture.

Shannon Griffith

Shannon J Griffith; #165268; “Osmo”;
EC Brooks Correctional Facility
West Shoreline Correctional Facility
2500S Sheridan Drive
Muskegan Heights

“ Admittedly socially inept, inmate seeks woman willing to assist in taming 41 year old bachelor able to laugh at self, and far too comfortable without obligations- easily friends at arms length-now seeks firm but gentle social interrelations, something that women tend to be expert at naturally- more experienced with work, plants, animals, books and cars than people, but open-minded. –“Osmo

Quote from letter “ I can’t believe how naïve I really was out there, and understand all too well how easy it is for the rest of society to put such issues as prisons on the pay –no- mind list until actually confronted with being victimized, then being overwhelmed with the convoluted obfuscating system intended to overwhelm them. Hindsight gives me reason for patience with others.

Shannon Griffith

Reality’s Dream’man locked behind a door, in this plight,
seeks woman-kind for sure, to write,
hoping for each letter to delight,
from smell of your perfume,
some spell I more presume,
come, release my mind, this cell entombed,
chum, please, by kind kiss, fell the gloom,
plumb eased, I’d find, bliss well bloomed,
dumb keys, tried to bind, this spirits doom,
a few words, warm and bright, clearer lit,
you girds from harm, my nights mirror it,
thanks to you, lonely tears echewed.,
walls blank views, to golden stairs segued.
by OSMO, Mellowmanic

Nearly Comatose
Because my character, a politician did malign,
easily rationalized by prosecutors of that kind,
In their selfish social ladder climb,
I have to do this time, I’m resigned, admitted,
Tho state’s records prove no crime I committed,
the Courts were aloof, when my rights went poof,
based on a spoof, without any proof,
the jury said woof, my sentence hit the roof,
added an ‘R’, dropped a ‘P’, this men’s prison really isn’t me,
tho seeking for appeal to redeem,
so hoping to repeal the regime,
left with a shred of sanity,
bereft, I shed all vanity,
deft of will, mixed with laughter,
I nixed the tears, swore off fears hereafter,
Blithe still, refusing to blather desperations desolation,
Rather determination, after more than seven years isolation,
Yet it’s to me kinda ironic, they bet by now I’d be catatonic,
Not quite naïve now, I hunger to relieve somehow,
These cold, dark, and lonelies, if you’ll just do,
Please, hear, hark and hold with a few only’s as cue,
Keenly seeking friendship correspondence only, true,
Freely speaking my mind, so long as you’re comfortable only, too,
Deeply sublime, maybe someone will reply this time thru,
if meekly signed only., adieu.
by OSMO, Mellowmanic

Vindications’ PYRRIC Rhapsody
Imprisoned, forcefed my frustration, envision, refused recourse of expression, without cessation, division infused, perforce rape burns colder than imagination, misprission imbued, divorced Racespurns boldermans salvation, for missing opportunities heaven sent, world’s Damnation, forfeiting opportunities I represent, ensures conflagration, forgetting realities high percent, pure amalgamation, my only comfort, knowing I’ll have vengeance in the end, imprecation, in seeing the world high and dry, if only when I die, abdegnation, by leaving treasures lie, where I mine them, for all nations, believing their minds too blind for that kind, due Greedspall, assimilation, having stolen my youth freedom ad empathy, ablation, you steel from yourselves, my humanity, abilty and utility, mendication, your authoritarians lack of humility is an insanity, an exercise in futility, dedication,invalid, all creation, if chosen, even one suffers, unjustifiably worse, translation, heaven being never born to begin with, death is a gift, Life must be a curse, Explanation. Osmo,mellowmanic

Say It O.I.C.R.N. Organizations Implement Constructive Reforms Now
Everyone must do their part to dismember the government sponsored dysfunctional monetary machine of socio-economic terrorism, perpetuated by corrupt governments corporate conspiracy under color of law, due their abandoning oath’s duty to professional standards when administering CGARTER clearly established in Declaration of Independence to first and foremost protect individuals from abuse of authority as guaranteed by priority of Constitutional Amendments enacted on behalf of all peoples.Grifith V US (subname) Griffith V. DOC etal.
History and public records demonstrate above all else, that violence does NOT work since it only provides jusification for increased authoritarianism, further, that all governments are REGRESSING to emulate “Star Chamber” hearings outlawed In the 16th century, and most importantly, we have credible veracity, Bush etal, can’t hope to steal nor buy, and Relinquist, etall, just doesn’t have it, to sell.
WE NEED to establish automonous network inter/national co-councel coordinating external legal contacts representing majority, due most prisons, no direct correspondence between prisoners, fpr this MASSIVE multinational class action to be filed simultaneously across US<>


Program Idea for Transitioning From AC/Seg Long Term to General Pop

Common Ground (CGS)
Logline: Transitioning Prisoners From AC and Longtime Seg.
Goals: Addressing conflict resolutions that prisoners in AC/longtime segregation have with prison staff and/or among themselves, resulting in the hopeful transitioning and release from AC/long time seg.
Premise of Program: CGS begins with the premise that if a prisoner has been placed and held in AC/long seg. status there has to be an existence of some kind of conflict between either staff or the prisoner and other prisoners that has lead to this long time segregation placement.
Unique Approach: Instead of placing blame or approaching the conflict from a subjective point of view, CGS is designed to not take a particular position in the conflict, but equalize the concerns voiced by both the prisoners/staff conflict or prisoner/prisoner conflict that led to the AC/long seg. placement, and focus on resolutions without placement of blame.
This unique approach is effective because, as in any conflict, resolution and all points of view must be aired and respected as part of the resolution discussion. No problem has ever been solved by one party in a given conflict being burdened with blame, while the other takes on a superiority complex.
Objective: The objective is to find common grounds that everyone can respect each other’s security and classification concerns without placing blame and the use of inferiority labels that makes one party feel the need to be defensive, which is what most prisoners who are held in AC/long seg. feel. This defensiveness has been the main reason no previous administration/ clinical programs have successfully led to the prisoners transitioning and eventually being released from AC/long seg.
Designed: This is what makes CGS unique and effective. It was designed specifically with AC/long seg. prisoners in mind after careful review of complaints, court cases, and other view points of prisoners held in these statuses. The CGS think tank recognized the fault lines that kept the prison officials security claims and goals from registering with the prisoners and the prisoners’ views being considered by the prison officials. Both sides took a "my way or the highway" approach. Resulting in the stalemate with the prisoner stuck in AC/long seg. for indefinite years and the prison officials having to pay the cost of these prisoners becoming more defensive and in the more extreme cases, psychologically damaged beyond the objective penological goal of the status. And a psychologically damaged prisoner is not in anyone’s best interest. It is certainly not in the best interests of society, where some, if not most, of the prisoners will be freed to; nor the tax payers, who now have to pay extra to staff special housing units to police segregated mental units that are in fact disciplinary segregation units, which only exacerbate the original conflict.
Workshops: The CGS is organized in six workshop sessions:
Session One: Begins with both the prison official and prisoner reducing to written word what each feels is the contributory problems.
CGS freedom of expression: in order for the workshops to be effective there has to be a certain level of free expression. CGS believes all participants must be allowed to state their views free of punishment. Free expression does not entitle abusive language used to provoke or disrespect the other participants, or create more problems.
Session Two: begins with the prison official recitation of the prisoner's point of view and the prisoner recitation of the prison officials. Or, in case of prisoner/prisoner, each would recite the other's views. The participant must defend each other's view point as if it was their original view to examine and experience the difference in each other's views.
Session Three: begins with each participant putting forth prospective resolutions to the conflict, with discussion.
Session Four: begins with the mediator of CGS - a neutral and independent person - putting forth resolutions that participants should consider. The participants can accept or alter these resolutions and stipulate.
Session Five: begins with the participants pointing out what issues of concern that the other one has. They can agree these are ones to be dealt with and agreements to resolve them.
Session Six: begins with all participants putting forth future resolution commitments to prevent and stop future problems and incidents.
Completion of CGS: Upon completion of CGS, which is a six week session workshop, the prisoner participant should be placed in a transition housing to be phased back to general prison population.
Homework Assignments: After each workshop the participant should take a story of real life conflict (past and present, over the span of the workshops) and write a report stating now both sides to that real life conflict could resolve the matter. Also, what might be the fault line problems preventing the current resolutions. The reports should also point out valid points that each side has that should be taken more serious by the other side.
Final Report: At the completion of CGS, the participant should write a one hundred word essay
on how the examination of the report conflicts has impacted their opinion, and if so, made a change in view point.
Disclaimer: The reports written should be permitted some freedom of expression and not be used to continue AC/Seg. placement, nor future placement. The reports will be either read at sessions or by the mediator who will return them to the participant.
Rights: CGS was created by FFUP in house pro se legal consult, R. U. and FFUP reserves all rights.
Donation: FFUP waives the rights to WI DOC to use CGS as part of the prisoner AC/long time seg. remedy.
Text Box: 3F F U P/ R

Recognizing the False Dawns in Wisconsin-DOC solitary confinement Reforms

Recognizing the False Dawns in Wisconsin-DOC solitary confinement Reforms
By a prisoners who has spent more than 18 years on solitary confinement.
 Date: 1 26 2015

If the public stops watching and pushing them (DOC) they will not only stop changing things, but reverse some of the stuff they did and let the abusive back in rotation.
1)  On behalf  of all those still being held on AC (Long status of solitary confinement) here at WCI and statewide a response and dispute must be formulated  in response to the overpraise being  made to WI – DOC( men on AC composed of time length from 2 years  to over  18 and 22 years held status.)
2)   The changes mentioned in the 2014 report by the Association of State Correctional Administrators and some media quotation of the same, are nothing more than “Gauzes” being applied  to a neglected and septic wound.
3)  Showing strong symptoms of preventative gang green.
4)  The January 17th 2016 and other media accounts that the tide is turning against solitary confinement. We are working to give measure to said reports.
5)  The public must know that these lip services are at best smoke screens to shut them up. First of all those lawsuits and settlements mentioned in Dee J. Hill Jan. 17th report (which has  the DOC has  kept  much of the details) concealed) mainly dealt  with prisoners with mental illness. And because DOC will not and do not acquire the proper mental health resource statistics to deal with mental health issues, the settlements are bandages and nothing more than quieting suits.(i.e. We  tried to slow the bleeding from shooting out like a water hydrant to a garden hose flow.)
6)   Lost in the smoke screen is the hundreds of us still confined in long term solitary confinement textually called AC Administrative confinement. Waupun   has 24 people on AC as of the date of writing.
7)   My 17 year continuum of AC was briefly stayed for 60 days for DS(disciplinary Segregation) time. Once this paper shift DS is up they will paper shift me right back to AC. I've already received a prenotice that this is their intent. Nothing much changes but paper works labels.
8)  DS and Ac are so identical that you have to be told they are not the same. Psychologically they are. I often forget the are not until I could only receive a one hour visit from my family who traveled from Chicago to only talk to me through a tv screen. (AC gives two hours)
9)  In the recent news article by Hall, DOC Mental health director, Kenin Kallas stated they are being more transformative in how they “think And act”. In Practice and to whom solitary confinement is( protractedly) applied.
10) However, the reality on the inside is much more real and truthful than the propaganda being spieled here. I witness mentally ill prisoners down the range deteriorating menatlly and physically every day. One such elderly prisoner has been on AC, Shipped here and there for over 20 years ,since about 1995.
11) Only one single mentally ill has been released form AC and this was because prisoners’ rights advocacy groups like ffup and others pushed his mental health status in their face.

12) How can we trust DOC spokes people when in 2014 they made claims of major changes in Disciplinary segregation rules and applications.(DOC 303 code) However when the new 2014 rule book came out they not only increased the time sentences but added new offenses and time frames the allowed punishment of 360 days in confinement.
13) Only after prisoners complained to advocacy groups like FFUP, Wisdom and WCEHTP WCIJ(Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism) . And only after WCIJ filed a lawsuit did the DOC issue a DAI policy clean up. Why print a new rule book with policies you were not going to implement or that was contrary to the new Changes promised to make?  
14) And it was still not being enforced. When the DAI clean-up policy came out. Counteracting the 2014 rule book. Rogue joints like WCI concealed and refused to disclose and implement the DAI's mandate. And we never even knew there was a DAI policy until August of 2015.
15) And no way Madison was not aware the rogue institutions like Waupun was not went Sarah Palin on us by not implementing the new DAI which was created ad hoc every time a prisoner appealed an ICI to Madison on a disciplinary procedural Madison/ DAI etc was placed on notice. Those appeals would have made it clear. Madison said nothing and did nothing for almost a whole year-Waupun refused to disclose and follow the DAI policy.
16) We learned of the DAI policy when by rumor from Green Bay, but this was not official. Then confirmed by a newspaper article which were denied to make copies or to circulate to enlighten others of our class and to get more information.
17) This skullduggery and dilatory tactics illustrate that DOC (by facts and extrapolations) is not serious nor sincere in their words and will never be proactive in these issues of solitary confinement constraint. They will only make small window show changes to get the attention and focus off of them and not to appear the only state out the fad.
18) Only if there is pressure and monitoring by society will they follow through.
19) DAI Cathy Jess statement showcases this very fact and the DOC attitude. “ It is somewhat of, I would say, a culture shift for the staff” ( a culture they have been and continuously denied existed in first place and all lawsuits and complaints files alleging such).
20) She continues,”I've been in the Department (DOC) for 29 years. Things change, the pendulum swings with corrections, and depending on the public's opinion and how laws get passed and different things..”
21) To her it is not a matter of doing the right thing or following human conscience to treat others humanely. To her it is a matter which oscillation the wind is blowing.
22) So the question to the public is: who has to push the pendulum to get moving? For she's been here 29 years and has played a major role in that so-called culture they barely expose. When she say “it swings with Corrections”
         We must be suspicious of what “corrections” she is talking about. The Department or the official misconduct? The culture? Or with the humane changes that Obama and other prison reforms are being called for. The abolition of solitary as a management continuum in general? She has the power individually to do so right now.
23) Furthermore, DOC staff do not get paid with tax dollars to build and establish a culture ( Abusive or otherwise). They get paid to follow  mandates laid down by DAI and other hands in Madison. They don't live here, they don't have the psychologist interests or investments to prison lifestyle to be cultured into a way. The fact that they have shows a lack of management and training coming in policy and practices from Madison’s Academy.
24) My Observations and experience lead me to extrapolate its more metonymy than the noun (swings with corrections).
25) If they were sincere!  WCIJ would not have to keep suing them to gain access to the truths facts and figures they wish to conceal. Public data that suppose to by on DOC's website.
26) They will continue to make these window dressing changes and false claims until the pressure and focus is removed. And they will not only stop making changes but they will reverse a lot of the ones they've made.
27) They could release all 24 of us from AC today and a few weeks later place us ALL right back on it if the public don't demand legislative actions and law regulating DOC acts and boundaries. We need AC caps and constraints. The pre-1998 change was more humane.
28) Lastly. What Culture shift? When a lot of the ethno centric minds, like Jess herself (29 years recall0 played major roles in this abusive and disgusting culture in the first place. When talking of cultural institutions involving official abuses and misconduct. That means people like Jess was aware of these abuses at least and/or  encouraged it, overlooked it, or organized it from the very start.
29)hese are the lessons in “Corrections” that we prisoners are learning-that ALL the negative qualities that got some in prison-it's okay for these same qualities to be exhibited by government employees.(re-to beat, abuse, lies, neglect or kill) 
30) To amplify what Rev. Kate Edwards of WISDOM finds to be (a catch 22) “concerning.” That a specified max period of confinement .. for aggravated circumstances” is the Only thing that will pause and begin to cure this House cannot be overstated.
31) First: “Aggravated circumstance”turns on a ambiguous expansion in terms. Because either, as a rule infraction or as a cause for non-infraction AC placement; without that maximum time cap. All the so-call changes will merely by washing and cleaning the outside of the wound and leaving the inside infected and putting the same bias bandages shown to not keep it clean back on it ( re: same attitudes, policies, staff, officials etc )

32). No agency will ever truthfully and honestly police itself once it has abused its power or gone outside the scope of its mission policy. Let alone self – incriminate its policies, practices and abuses. It is a joke and mockery and activism and human rights to assume they will do so or to conceded to such hypocrisy.
33) But hey, I'm just one of the evidences of this official vice. 18Years and counting in solitary oscillating between AC and DS.
34) The Mandela rule is what the nations of the world need. How many more seg-icides (segregation suicides) or post confinement seg-icides need to occur before we demand they do what's humane.
35) President Obama has taken the lead But can other politicians do what's right?
36) It is the public who are to hold these power blocks responsible and compel human rights. Mandela Rule: Everyone call and write to Madison and demand the Mandela rule/law on solitary confinement in WI and the nation
                   From oppressive confines of Waupun. 18 years and continuum 
                        Ras AtumRa Uhuru Mutawakkil; PO Box 351 #228971; Waupun, WI 53963



From Prisoners' letters to FFUP

February Report
Reports on new rules and how they actually work-
Anonymous in segregation reports
         His response to WI Watch article on Segregation changes
                     1Got three conduct reports for self harm, against the new rules
                     2 Many more people being sent to segregation and for very petty reasons. (questions-

                       what does this does to conduct record for parole and what kind of due process is    there-  does he get a hearing? 

    As many wrote in that article, the policy, at face value, appears to be great. the implementation and practice of it is another thing. You mentioned it is in effect and has been at GBCI since June? Well, it's great they have been doing it there, but that is not the case here. Actually, it's odd you sent me this article and letter today.... I just yesterday wrote a letter to the warden about the new  policy (DOG 303.00.04). I was a bit upset when I read the - provision that states 'DOG staff shall not write a DOC-9 [Conduct Report for behavior directly related to self-harm or self-harm attempts as determined by PSU (eg. disfigurement, alteration of state property or misuse of medication." You see, since august I received three tickets for self-harm acts and seeking medical tx for self-harm acts.
       I am enclosing the letter to the warden for your review.  It speaks for itself, and should outrage you as it does me, as they are plainly in violation of the new policy. I am not going to file a lawsuit on this while I am in prison. I have 4 years until my MR, and can earn a release early by completing the Earned Release Program, so I am trying to stay below the radar while fighting and being an activist. There is a strategic aspect to this, too- When we file our inmate complaints they have an opportunity to lay the foundation of a cover up, get their stories straight, etc. I don't want to give them the opportunity to do that. Also, the inmate complaint system is a joke. They say we must exhaust our administrative remediesin an efforts to resolve the complaint.... But when there is an injury, you cannot fix that, and the only way to renair it is by monetary damages and injunctions. The doc nas never, to my knowledge, paid out for a medical or mental  injury in the complaint process. Their typical response is to deny,deny,                  deny, and then lie lie lie. ce, and tne time will come when their jaws will drop... Please review my letter and tell me if you believe they are following this new policy, as it pertains to the self-harm conduct reports. Those three tickets were more than two months after the I policy was enacted. I. don't get it. The key is"directly related to self harm. You see, it's ambiguous, and allows the psychologist to decide. Typically they say was the act a result of the mental illness. There is no mental illness factor in the policy, plainly if it was an act of self-harm no conduct report can be  written. There were written in my case.
I am not, have not, and hope never to be placed on admin confinement. I don't even know anyone who is on it right now. I know many who have been on it, but I will ask around for you. At CCI there is no difference between administrative confinement and segregation time, really, AC guys get a few less phone calls, stricter and fewer visits, I think, I'm not sure.
Now, as for our segregation and the effect the new policy has taken on it, I see the following changes: (1) shorter times in seg, typically one half to one-third of the times previously received; (2) staff at the institution have become much much much pettier and send people to seg far more frequently. In one instance, a sergeant was anonymously disrespected at on the tier on 3rd shift & couldn't identify who it was, sending 11 to seg and 4-5 out of the institution was the response!; and (3) many more people in segregation. The numbers have increased dramatically, just as Jerry (Hancock) suspected in the article.