Luis Ramirez describes a bad cycle

After years in solitary, Luis was put into general population without transition or treatment and was okay for awhile when he was harassed, got scared, blacked out and attacked someone and now faces new charges.  His behavior was part of his mental illness and his blacking out was well know by staff.

In the past he helped FFUP understand Segregation conditions. Luis Ramirez here outlines well what mentally ill prisoners go through in prison. FFUP tries to help them keep healthy with encouraging letters and it does not take much to give people a sense that there is a kinder world outside and something to work for. Please send a friendly note.

Luis Ramirez
GBCI; PO Box 19033
Green Bay, WI 54307

First I’m sorry for the errors, I’m Dislexic and can’t follow directions to well

I’m bipolar and learning disabled but they want me to learn there rules I’ve been in segregation for 9 years because I get a conduct report and I get mad because they gave me so much time I cuss them all out then I get more conduct reports then I get mad about these new conduct report’s that I catch more conduct reports.
This becomes a never ending cycle but now I’m being placed on A.C. I was on A.C. in Waupun corr, inst. I get transferred to CCI and I was told that they would let me go in in CCI but CCI keeps me on A.C. I did l8 months and I just got fedup and I went off so now the cycle of catching C.R. has started back up sometimes I get so mad I want to just kill myself just to get out of this segregation. I’m tired of always walking around in handcuff’s I just need one try one chance and I’ll prove that I can behave but they won’t give it to me.
This same thing 12 other mentally unstable inmates are going through . Can you please help me because I’m only a day away from killing myself I can’t take this anymore. Can you please help us.

Respectfully Luis Ramirez

Here is a penpal post he filled out in hopes someone will be his friend:
AGE: 35

RACE: Latino GENDER: male
HEIGHT: 5'8" WEIGHT: 185
EYE COLOR: brown HAIR COLOR: black


I was born in Guatama, Puerto Rico. I’m into the law. I’ve thought about becoming a paralegal and hopefully my dream will come true. My hobbies are sports, reading, dancing, and biking. My favorite food is lasagna. My favorite Dessert is German chocolate cake. My favorite music is salsa in Spanish and metalica in English.

I’m looking to have all the better things in life and I’m going to work hard in order to get them. If you think you could be one of these better things in my life, please don’t hesitate to write me.