Terrance Grissom

Terrance Grissom 193184

Racine Correctional Institution
 PO Box 900
Racine WI 53177
BIRTHDATE: 1-22-1970
AGE: 46

Description: Hello, my name is Terrance but everyone calls me Grissom. Unfortunately I am in long term segregation and we’re not allowed photos. I’ve been confined 23 years on a 20 year sentence. I’m not eligible for parole. Prison’s a lonely place. I have a little family support. I am looking for a person I can share my thoughts, dreams, and experiences with – someone not about playing games, who knows how to keep it real , honestly. Trust and respect are must haves to anyone who responds to my ad. I am n incarcerated male and I have no time for any games. I hope to hear from you soon.

note: This man is in segregation and is in great need . A friendly note would help so much. I have posted his DOC picture.