Raymond Bergeron-Davilla, 24 and not making in WCI seg

Raymond  Bergeron-Davilla 410606; OUT
Raymond asks to be able to blog to help him make it through his time in seg. He has cut himself, is mentally ill and very vulnerable. In letter below he describes a beating he witnessed, and his desperate situation. We have not verified the beating and are writing the alleged victim to offer support. The environment in WCI is toxic for all. See articles done by Center For Investigative journalism, petition et all on sidebar.  Feel free to write an encouraging note- email me at for info or if you want to remain anonymous and use FFUP return address.

Raymond's letter 8 21 14

Three essays By Raymond:

1)Raymond Describes Isolation

2)Handcuff harrassment (clanking handcuffs as walking) helps keep inmates in constant anxiety states

3) Guards now wearing Cameras, bribe inmates into doing stupid disruptive things