common sense yet radical suggestion for seg

I saw a program on prison isolation wards some time ago. I think the maddening situation could be improved greatly just by one change in terms. The prison officials and guards could discontinue the idea of punishment and use real reasons to explain things to prisoners.  For example, instead of telling the prisoners who react angrily by throwing urine at guards ( or whatever)that now they’ll be punished with three more months of isolation, guards could explain it rather by saying “We see how explosive you are, so we won’t be able to let you out into the general population for fear of what type of trouble you might start out there. We’re sorry you’ll have to stay here longer- for three more months.”

 I think the framework of punishment makes prisoners much more frustrated and angry. So if situations could be explained in a different way according to real reasons for them, it could help calm prisoners down, and also they might increase their awareness if what they are actually doing.

Carol Caffrey