From Prisoners' letters to FFUP

February Report
Reports on new rules and how they actually work-
Anonymous in segregation reports
         His response to WI Watch article on Segregation changes
                     1Got three conduct reports for self harm, against the new rules
                     2 Many more people being sent to segregation and for very petty reasons. (questions-

                       what does this does to conduct record for parole and what kind of due process is    there-  does he get a hearing? 

    As many wrote in that article, the policy, at face value, appears to be great. the implementation and practice of it is another thing. You mentioned it is in effect and has been at GBCI since June? Well, it's great they have been doing it there, but that is not the case here. Actually, it's odd you sent me this article and letter today.... I just yesterday wrote a letter to the warden about the new  policy (DOG 303.00.04). I was a bit upset when I read the - provision that states 'DOG staff shall not write a DOC-9 [Conduct Report for behavior directly related to self-harm or self-harm attempts as determined by PSU (eg. disfigurement, alteration of state property or misuse of medication." You see, since august I received three tickets for self-harm acts and seeking medical tx for self-harm acts.
       I am enclosing the letter to the warden for your review.  It speaks for itself, and should outrage you as it does me, as they are plainly in violation of the new policy. I am not going to file a lawsuit on this while I am in prison. I have 4 years until my MR, and can earn a release early by completing the Earned Release Program, so I am trying to stay below the radar while fighting and being an activist. There is a strategic aspect to this, too- When we file our inmate complaints they have an opportunity to lay the foundation of a cover up, get their stories straight, etc. I don't want to give them the opportunity to do that. Also, the inmate complaint system is a joke. They say we must exhaust our administrative remediesin an efforts to resolve the complaint.... But when there is an injury, you cannot fix that, and the only way to renair it is by monetary damages and injunctions. The doc nas never, to my knowledge, paid out for a medical or mental  injury in the complaint process. Their typical response is to deny,deny,                  deny, and then lie lie lie. ce, and tne time will come when their jaws will drop... Please review my letter and tell me if you believe they are following this new policy, as it pertains to the self-harm conduct reports. Those three tickets were more than two months after the I policy was enacted. I. don't get it. The key is"directly related to self harm. You see, it's ambiguous, and allows the psychologist to decide. Typically they say was the act a result of the mental illness. There is no mental illness factor in the policy, plainly if it was an act of self-harm no conduct report can be  written. There were written in my case.
I am not, have not, and hope never to be placed on admin confinement. I don't even know anyone who is on it right now. I know many who have been on it, but I will ask around for you. At CCI there is no difference between administrative confinement and segregation time, really, AC guys get a few less phone calls, stricter and fewer visits, I think, I'm not sure.
Now, as for our segregation and the effect the new policy has taken on it, I see the following changes: (1) shorter times in seg, typically one half to one-third of the times previously received; (2) staff at the institution have become much much much pettier and send people to seg far more frequently. In one instance, a sergeant was anonymously disrespected at on the tier on 3rd shift & couldn't identify who it was, sending 11 to seg and 4-5 out of the institution was the response!; and (3) many more people in segregation. The numbers have increased dramatically, just as Jerry (Hancock) suspected in the article.